The Deaf & The Musician

So Who's Playin'? The Deaf & The Musician

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What time? September 16th, 2022 05:00 PM

The Deaf and The Musician is a combination of deaf artist Cindy McAllister and singer-songwriter Ben Brinton, as they combine visual sign language with music. The songs you’ve heard again and again are given a visual spin with sign language. Each song is picked for its lyrical power and personal influence, and make for enjoyable education and entertainment. Each performance is unique but include themes of sign language education, interoperation, storytelling, and more. Cindy’s understanding of sign language came from her own deaf disability and Ben’s history of being a Salt Lake City songwriter make an delightful duo, as she interprets the songs and he guides you through a broad history of music and American songwriting, her signing performance fits perfectly with his 12-string acoustics guitar and impressive looper pedal. Plan on a collection of familiar and original songs performed in a new way. You will see the words!

$5 cover