The One Stan Band

So Who's Playin'? The One Stan Band

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What time? February 7th, 2020 06:00 PM

A fun night coming the the brewpub!

In the words of Stan:

We offer a variety of music, everything from Neil Young to the Grateful Dead… all kinds of funky stuff. Stripped down versions of your favorites, (we are a three piece after all)
with enough drive to get you dancing.
After 30 plus years of steady gigging in and around San Diego California, Jim relocated to the southwest and found a solid future playing for tips… and just for the hell of it.
Seriously Jim is (as introduced) the best drummer west of the Mississippi, not picking a fight, just stating obvious facts.
D.R Ruth is the linchpin of the group. holding down the bottom on Bass, spicing up Jim’s rock solid drumming with Djembe and conga and then when you think you’ve seen it all, she plays kick ass saxophone, it just doesn’t get any better than this…
And me, I’m Stan, I’m the guy they named the Band After… (Like Van Halen only older and slower, much much slower)
I play guitar and sing, I’ve been doing it for a while so I think I’m pretty good.
Rock on Brothers and Sisters… and remember “There can be only one!”

$5 suggested cover for this evening of local music.