ShadowTrapp CD Release Party – Featuring ShadowTrapp and the Crags

So Who's Playin'? ShadowTrapp and The Crags

Image of ShadowTrapp and The Crags
What time? November 13th, 2021 12:00 AM

ShadowTrapp,  is an original indie rock band in SouthWest Colorado pulling inspirations from multiple musical sources. Highly contagious melodies and rocking beats sets them apart from the masses. Their creative use of  soundscapes and rock beats makes their live performances fun and interesting.

The Crags – The Southwest desert is the muse for many of the songs that Tracy Ford writes for the band.  This four piece Durango, CO group has established a sound that is energetic yet dreamy.  They combine elements of rock, surf, and psych to create a truly unique sound.  They are diverse in their delivery, but maintain a signature style that showcases Tracy’s creative songwriting, Tim’s incredible guitar skills, John’s in the pocket drumming, and Dan’s killer bass and positive vibes.

More details to come….