Open Mic Night

So Who's Playin'? Open Mic

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What time? December 8th, 2019 04:00 PM

We have a new host for Open Mic, Hagen McDonell, and we are thrilled to welcome him.  Come out and share your song, your joke, your voice, and of course your laughter as we share music with friends and neighbors.

If you haven’t had a chance to hear Hagen play, here are his own words:

After retiring from my other passion, motorcycle repair and fabrication, I have turned back to music.  I received my first guitar at 15, after 3 years of piano lessons in Italy from a Maestro.  At 16 I switched to a 12-string and never looked back.

In the early seventies, after military service, I got together with Roger Nicholas, lead guitar, and Greg Cordero, harmonica, in Los Gatos, CA, and we began writing songs, playing in small venues and on street corners.   Raising a family started in the early ’80’s, and slowly the music took a back seat.

I bought the Seagal 12-string in 2016 and took up where I had left off.  I made a CD in 2017. while visiting my kids in California.  Today I am torn between cover songs, and originals, having written 6 new songs in the last three year.  I am always looking for cover songs oof the grid to learn, and I am looking forward to living in Mancos forever.