Maddy and Kev

So Who's Playin'? Maddy and Kev

Image of Maddy and Kev
What time? July 2nd, 2020 05:30 PM

*This event is reservation only – see details below*

Maddy and Kev – An acoustic duo playing a variety of music from country to blues, soul and rock and roll. It’s a sweet and savory musical cuisine you have to taste for yourself.

Call the Mancos Brewery at 970-533-9761 to reserve and pay for a table to attend this 2 hour show.

$18 for a 6 person table, or one of our picnic tables

$15 for a 5 person table

$12 for a 4 person table

$9 for a 3 person table

We will also seat up to 10 people that bring their own chairs at $3 a person.

*Masks are required for entry and when in motion. Groups are asked to arrive together to be seated. Movement between tables, or the movement of tables, is not allowed