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So Who's Playin'? Justin Larkin

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What time? June 18th, 2023 03:00 PM

Justin Larkin is a singer, songwriter & multi-instrumentalist from Springfield, Missouri. Jfl has spent the last 15+ years performing across Midwestern America with various musical groups including Mood Ring Circus as well as a one-man band, all while honing in on a distinct & hearty blend of Roots, Soul & Rocknroll dubbed “Cosmic Ozarkana Music”.

Larkin’s roots in music began as a child listening to the local “oldies 105.1 KOSP” radio station that would introduce him to many of the songs he quickly fell in love with and would go on to frequently perform. From the pop sensibilities of the Rolling Stones, Kinks, & Beach Boys, to the song-oriented storytelling of Paul Simon, Tom Petty & John Prine, to the emotive vocal abilities of Chris Cornell, Jeff Buckley & George Jones… Larkin found boundless inspiration and eventually began to write songs and find his own voice.

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