Fundraiser for Mike – With The Cosmic Groover Band, Foggy Memory Boys and People We Know

So Who's Playin'? The Cosmic Groover Band, Foggy Memory Boys, People We Know

Image of The Cosmic Groover Band, Foggy Memory Boys, People We Know
What time? May 28th, 2021 02:00 PM

Join us for this 2nd fundraiser for Mike as he fights his personal battle that was handed to him.  There will be three great local bands that we all know and love.  Come support the Brewery and local music.

The Cosmic Groover Band features members of Liver Down The River and the Foggy Memory Boys giving us some high octane bluegrass.

The Foggy Memory Boys are a genre-hopping acoustic four piece comprised of good old bluegrass instruments with a playful energy and a strong melodically driven sound. Jacob Hagerty on mandolin, Andy Yeomans on guitar, Willie Hunton on dobro, and Giles Shelton on the stand up bass. The band was conjured up on many a’ late night around a warm camp fire, while picking the night away at the many bluegrass and folk festivals west of the Mississippi.

People We Know are originally a collective of musicians from Durango and Northern La Plata County, People We Know has solidified into a core group of musicians. Featuring members of existing Durango groups The Outskirts and The Fellowship of the Strings, the group brings a new take on string music. They explore the limits of bluegrass covers, while taking a new approach to the genre in their original compositions. The band, comprised of Alex Forsthoff, Jeffrey Berman, Aaron Cooklin, Jim Figora, and Mark Walser, will take you on a musical ride from all ends of the bluegrass spectrum. A show will go from up-tempo, foot stomping, hollering bluegrass, to slower ballads from the heart

Check back later for Cover Charge and times for music information.

Reservations are recommended.  Call us at (970) 533-9761 to reserve your spot.