Dreem Machine

So Who's Playin'? Dreem Machine

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What time? October 15th, 2022 05:00 PM

DREEM MACHINE  features Robin Davis on guitar, Jimi Davis on bass, and Matt Cottle on drums. 

Listeners describe their music as something between psychedelic-grunge and old time shred-grass, offering a unique, fresh take on the power trio.  Based in Pagosa Springs, Colorado, Dreem Machine draws inspiration from the myriad machines that make their lives possible in these parts, whether it be a 4WD pickup truck or a giant half stack.

Robin shreds a Fender Mustang through an Orange amplifier, Jimi beats a “Lucky Penny” electric upright bass, and Matt bangs a set of custom 3-piece drums. Over the years, the three members played in a variety of genres, ranging from bluegrass, rock, to reggae.

Dreem Machine’s first album is available now – streaming everywhere online.

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