Bentley Monk

So Who's Playin'? Bentley Monk

Image of Bentley Monk
What time? May 15th, 2022 04:00 PM

This guy may be a mild-mannered teacher by day, but get him up on stage and the man rocks it!  So excited to have him come back and play us some more songs out of his repertoire.

$5 cover.

Even though you can find Bentley’s own words on your own, let’s make it easy for you:

“I began my musical journey when I was wee lil’ boy listening to my grandpa “Boogie” tickling the ivories and singing along to songs of old. His influence has been everlasting in the music I love to create, perform, and listen to. In middle school someone told me I could sing, so I did. Thru high school at a performing arts magnet school my musical training went well beyond what I knew I was capable of. Thereafter, I went on to university for music, and have been living in the world of creation since. Now I find myself on the edge of two worlds, where mountains meet the desert; writing, singing, playing, living, and loving life.”