We are a microbrewery, crafting our beers in 2 to 7 barrel batches, and offering a broad range of beer styles – come in and see what we have on tap.

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What is on tab at the Brewery:

House Beers – 10oz $4.25   Pint (16oz) $6.00   Imperial (20oz) $7.00   Flights $9.00

Pagan Porter

Dizzy Blonde Pale Ale

Bear Track Brown

Desert Drifter Pale Ale

Slap Happy Spring Juicy I.P.A.

Vudu Amber Lager

Mancos sh’Ale Dark Ale

Cliffdweller Red Lager

House Beers – 10oz $4.75   Pint (16oz) $6.50   Imperial (20oz) $7.50   Flight – Add $0.50 to a House Flight for each

Small Batch Beers – Prices and Sizes Vary

High Priestess Imperial Porter 12oz $5.50

Fly Free Black Rye Lager  12oz $6.00

What is in our Brewery Coolers:

Leg Lamp Bomber $14.00

House Beers in 16 OZ Can $3.50 or a 4 pack for $11.00

Mancos Gold Pilsner

Desert Drifter Rye Pale Ale

Pagan Porter

Dizzy Blonde Pale Ale

Bear Track Brown Ale

Mancos sh’Ale

Vudu Amber Lager

Slap Happy Spring Juicy I.P.A.

House Beers in 16 OZ Can $4.00 or a 4 pack for $13.00

Extra Dizzy I.P.A

HOPS – itality Double I.P.A

Small Batch Beers in 16oz Can $4.00 or a 4 pack for $13.00 

High Priestess Imperial Porter

Smoke Wheat


Rye Wine $13.00

Sun Goddess Gold Stout $12.00

Fly Free Black Rye Lager $12.00

Black Tie Imperial Porter $12.00

Abbaye Dark Ale $9.00

PLUS…..a variety of Free Range Seltzers.  Brewed in house!


Bear Track Brown Ale

Image of Bear Track Brown Ale Ale - ABV - 4.75%

An americanized English pub brew that is delightfully smooth with a delicate nutty to roasty finish. A beer to release your inner beast.

Cliff Dweller Red Ale

Image of Cliff Dweller Red Ale Ale - ABV - 4.5%

European malt flavor balanced with a light domestic hop bitterness and aroma. Cold fermented with saison yeast yielding pleasant fruity esters. A beer to be enjoyed generously.

Dark Queen Chocolate Rye Stout

Image of Dark Queen Chocolate Rye Stout Stout - ABV - 6.2%

Dark and creamy chocolate rye stout

Desert Drifter Rye Ale

Image of Desert Drifter Rye Ale Ale - ABV - 6.5%

English style i.p.a. built around 3 layers of rye (crystal, flaked & malted) with generous amounts of west coast hops. A beer for those who break their own trail.

Dizzy Blonde Pale Ale

Image of Dizzy Blonde Pale Ale Ale - ABV - 6%

The aroma and flavor of citrus hops give way to a crisp clean malty finish with no lingering hop bitterness. Brewed to be enjoyed on all occasions.

Extra Dizzy I.P.A.

Image of Extra Dizzy I.P.A. IPA - ABV - 7.75%

An amped up version of the the Dizzy Blonde, featuring an Australian dry hop addition providing a tropical and peppery kick. Bold, yet seductively easy to drink. This one can getcha where you wanna go a little quicker.

Gold Stout

Image of Gold Stout Stout - ABV - 6.2%

Gold Stout

HIgh Priestess Baltic Porter

Image of HIgh Priestess Baltic Porter Porter - ABV - 8.9%

Rich dark malt aroma and flavor. Pronounced chocolate flavor with hints of dark fruits. Clean finish.

Mancos Gold Pilsner

Image of Mancos Gold Pilsner Lager - ABV - 4.5%

Lite, crisp and amazingly drinkable. A brilliant golden beer engineered to refresh those who seek the riches of the Mancos Valley.

Mancos sh’Ale Dark Ale

Image of Mancos sh’Ale Dark Ale Ale - ABV - 5%

This robust dark beer has generous hop character balanced with rich malty flavor. Fermented with french oak for an earthy experience. Crafted for those who have a passion that drives them where they want to be.

Pagan Porter

Image of Pagan Porter Porter - ABV - 5.5%

Dark & smooth with a hint of chocolate. Cold fermented for a clean finish. Enjoy anytime you want to reconnect with the planet.

VuDu Amber Lager

Image of VuDu Amber Lager Lager - ABV - 4.20%

Vienna malt and German hops combine to produce a “mexican-style” lager that is mildly sweet with a smooth finish. Get your VuDu on!